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Cleaner Service Near Me: Professionals To Rescue!

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Have you been googling “cleaner service near me” to get the best cleaning service? Since there are poor hygiene issues that sure do irk a lot of people, especially in shared spaces such as in the workplace.

Worryingly, poor hygiene issues make today’s workplaces full of hazardous potential accidents, work-related stress and other health issues.

Being one of the places that most people spend a great deal of time in, our workplace can have an incredible impact on our health and longevity.

Ensuring a workplace is clean, safe and hygienic is not as easy as it sounds which is why it is advised for employers to hire cleaners for help.

Though finding a trusted cleaning service to do the job could be quite a challenge, we have the solution for you.

Let us share with you the best cleaning service you could get with googling “cleaner service near me”. Read on to know more!

Poor Hygiene Issues at Workplace

cleaner service near me

Before hiring cleaners, it is crucial for you to identify which hygiene issues that need to be addressed.

These are some workplace hygiene issues that most workplaces face:

1. Poor Waste Collection & Disposal Practices

Businesses produce tons of waste and a failure to handle collection and disposal effectively can put employees at risk and discomfort.

Improper waste management can lead to contagious viruses, infections, skin diseases and other health risks.

The most common waste generated by businesses are cardboard and plastic waste which could be quite costly to manage properly.

Thus, it is common for businesses to cut costs in waste management which then could lead to hygiene issues.

2.  Poor Ventilation and Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality can cause long-term respiratory problems which can be severe and even deadly.

This issue arises due to various reasons such as pollutants from outside may be pulled in by air conditioning systems.

Dust and chemicals from construction that are not properly managed ended up in air supply may also be another cause for poor air quality issues.

Businesses must ensure areas are well-ventilated and contaminants in workplaces checked regularly.

3.  Workplace Restroom Hygiene Issues

cleaner service near me

Restrooms are visited by everyone, employees and visitors alike. Thus, it is of the utmost importance that workplace restrooms be clean and safe, reducing the risks of contracting harmful germs.

Common bacteria found in workplace restrooms include E.coli, shigella, hepatitis A, streptococcus, staphylococcus and the common cold virus.

The presence of these bacteria is a result of failure to clean the restrooms adequately or not cleaning them often enough.

Common cold viruses are often found because handwashing is not correctly enforced and proper washing supplies are not supplied.

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Cleaning Service in Workplace: Why It’s Important?

Importance of Workplace Hygiene

importance cleaner service near me

Having a clean and healthy workplace is one of the fundamental foundations in running a successful business.

Other than keeping your employees happy, healthy and productive, there are other reasons that you should put workplace hygiene on top priority.

1.  First Impression

A clean and orderly workplace makes a positive first impression on any potential clients.

It establishes confidence and trust right away and gives clients the sense of effectiveness and meticulous attention to detail.

On the other hand, dirty floor or smudge-covered conference room tables convey to potential customers that you lack the professionalism required to look after your staff.

2.  Grow Your Brand

In the eyes of the typical customer, a neat workplace suggests better superior, high-quality goods and services.

Furthermore, it makes no difference what kind of employment you are performing—whether it’s selling furniture, filing taxes, or serving meals.

A potential consumer will undoubtedly evaluate your whole brand—including any items and services you might be providing—based on how your workplace appears and feels.

Don’t let a disorganised workspace cause a potential client to leave before you can even talk with them.

3.  Happy Employees

Since most workers view their workplace as a second home, you should concentrate your efforts on keeping it neat and orderly.

If the workplace is kept in good condition, your staff will be more effective, efficient, and most importantly, pleased.

You should ensure that your employees are at ease while performing their duties because the typical individual spends around 8 hours a day at work.

Employees are less inclined to take part in any form of business-related promotion if they are unhappy or unsatisfied with their workplace.

Not to add that when people operate in a dirty and disorganised environment, their productivity suffers greatly.

4.  Air Quality

air quality

Another element that significantly affects workplace performance and employee health is air quality.

Using a good filtering system is even more essential and important since there are 100 times more airborne contaminants indoors than outside.

Investing in plants that remove excess carbon dioxide and other pollutants from the air. That would provide your employees more clean air and oxygen is a terrific approach to enhance the air quality at your workplace.

Best Cleaning Service in Bangi

Good news to Bangi business owners!

We at Setia Urusharta provide the best cleaning and housekeeping service throughout the country since 2010!

With our track record and long-line of happy customers, we can assure you that we can deliver what you need. 

Our core team comprises dynamic individuals who are passionate and dedicated in providing services. They also includes facilities and building maintenance services as well as engineering products and services.

Equipped with the technical skill sets needed, our team will make sure to clean your office to avoid poor hygiene issues that could affect your company’s productivity.

Our cleaning services include:

  • Internal/external cleaning
  • Provision of related manpower supply
  • Provision of transportation, chemical, equipments, tools and machinery
  • Pest control services
  • Servicing and maintenance of air freshener, sanitary bin, hand soap and urinal and WC sanitizer
  • Provision of equipment and manpower for above 10 feet cleaning (including scaffolding, abseiling, skylift, tools and chemicals)
  • Specialise in cleaning sofa, curtain, mosaic tile and marble tile

However, our services do not stop there. We also provide:

Now, don’t let the spiders keep spinning their webs and corners keep collecting dust.

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