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Do You Need A Landscape Contractor? We’ve Got You!

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Do You Need A Landscape Contractor? We’ve Got You!

Landscape contractors play a huge role in maintaining and preserving the beauty of the outdoor landscape.

Landscapes are essential for the environment as they use fewer resources, maintain life cycles, have flourishing flora and fauna, and provide long-term investment returns.

Some advantages of landscape maintenance are reducing pollution, protecting plants, providing protection from the heat, offering outdoor recreation, and many more.

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced landscape contractor, continue reading this article!

Landscape Contractor’s Job

landscape contractor

A landscaper is hired to create a lovely outdoor space. They carry out a variety of jobs, such as cleaning up trash, mowing lawns, pulling weeds, and planting or removing flowers and other plants.

They would use tools like weed eaters, chainsaws, push lawnmowers to landscape an area effectively.

Not only do they take care of plants by watering, but they also fertilize and trim them back as needed.

Landscapers could suggest future plant or flower arrangements or other design components, such as pathways or fountains, to further enhance the designated area.

Landscape Contractor Services

1. Landscape Installation

landscape installation

The first and most common landscaping service offered by landscaping experts is landscape installation.

The following are essential landscape installation services to give the client the most excellent landscaping experience possible.

          a) Landscape Design

landscape design

One example would be creating new flower beds and choosing plants based on the client’s hardiness zone.

Customers may want something more substantial, like a new patio or path.

Hence, they may collaborate with a professional landscaper to design the garden of their desires, and other experienced professionals. Those can help with the necessary paperwork.

         b) Outbuilding Construction

outbuilding construction

A shed’s construction is almost always trickier than it seems.

Your landscape staff will elevate your shed or outbuilding after your landscaping project has finished, then they will knock on the door once more.

Depending on their skill level, landscaping crews may also manage larger yard construction jobs.

          c) Hardscape Installation

hardscape installation

Hardscape installation includes walks, patios, roads, steps, and other structures. That’s give your garden more functionality and visual variety than just lawns and flowerbeds.

Many hardscaping options from a necessary front step to a personal basketball court (which is only available in large yards).

          d) Irrigation Installation

irrigation installation

Getting professional assistance is brilliant since installing a comprehensive irrigation system for your greenhouse or garden is complex.

Landscapers capable of using rainwater collecting systems may design, acquire, install, commission, and manage irrigation systems.

2. Landscape Maintenance Package

Maintenance of the landscape is the second most popular service in terms of landscaping service packages.

Landscaping businesses may generate sizable profit margins by providing this in-demand service bundle.

The following landscaping services are a part of this package:

  • Services for protecting lawns
  • Mulching
  • lawn care services
  • upkeep of a lawn bed
  • Spring maintenance
  • ​​Dethatching
  • cleaning the yard
  • Trimming
  • removing leaves
  • Hedging
  • Pruning

3. Custom Landscaping service package

landscape services

Although there are several landscaping service packages, the last but most well-liked are bespoke packages. Giving out such bundles is the way to keep the customers.

Additionally, following clients’ requirements and wants, clients view this service as an add-on service.

This landscaping bundle is all-inclusive and does not mention any particular services. Customers may select one or more choices.

The following landscaping services can be included in a bespoke landscaping package:

  • Pruning
  • Hedging
  • Mowing the lawn
  • Installation of irrigation
  • Installation of hardscape
  • Services that safeguard lawns
  • Mulching
  • Lawn care services
  • Upkeep of a lawn bed
  • Spring cleaning

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Common Landscaping Problems

  1. Weeds

landscape contractor

Weeds will spread out of control around your yard if you mow the lawn often with a sharp blade.

To fight weeds, you can also seek a natural fertilizer for your grass.

  1. Dead Grass

landscape contractor

Although dealing with dead grass might be challenging, there are solutions available.

Having the proper irrigation setup is crucial because there may be various causes of dead grass.

If you want a lawn that looks generally healthy, you should install a lawn sprinkler system.

  1. Pests and Insects

landscape contractor

Your lovely green grass is susceptible to harm from insects and grubs.

Brown stains and dead grass might result from their infestation and sickness.

An infestation may be avoided by fertilizing, killing those insects using pesticides, and installing an effective watering system.

  1. Erosion

landscape contractor

Your yard may experience erosion if it has a steep slope.

A severe downpour might cause soil loss if you have a garden containing soil.

To prevent erosion from destroying your grass and plants, the solution is to construct a retaining wall.

Contact Setia Urus Harta as Your Landscape Contractor!

setia urus harta

Need a landscape contractor to give your outdoor space a touch of life?

Call the experts at Setia Urus Harta today and transform your outdoor space with the help of experienced landscaping contractors in Malaysia!

Setia Urusharta Sdn Bhd is a leading building maintenance business in Malaysia. They provides various services to guarantee that building structures are well-maintained and safe for tenants.

Additionally, we offer various softscape and hardscape maintenance services, such as the design and build of landscapes, grass cutting, fertilizing, turfing, and weeding.

We also provide pest and disease control services, soil scarification, plant replacement, supply plants, machinery, and equipment. 

We know how crucial it is to keep buildings functional and comfortable for all.

This is to preserve the value and durability of the building and to guarantee the safety and well-being of the building’s residents.

Furthermore, other than essential maintenance services, Urusharta offers the following services:

  • General cleaning: We provide routine cleaning service to keep the building’s outside and interior clean and presentable.
  • Technical services: To guarantee the building’s operation and comfort, we provide various specialized services, including electrical, plumbing, and HVAC maintenance.
  • Security services: To safeguard the building from dangers and assure its people’s safety, we offer security services.
  • Landscaping and gardening: To keep the building’s exterior looking nice and provide its residents with a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Pest control: to prevent and manage pest infestations in the building, which might present health risks, we provide pest management services.

In addition to our services, we also have a team of skilled and knowledgeable workers with the expertise needed to do the work quickly and successfully.

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