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4 Types of Maintenance Services You Should Know

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How vital are maintenance services?

The services provided help extend the lifespan and preserve the value of a building while also saving costs in the long run.

Regular maintenance also helps ensure that the building complies with various regulations.

Read on to learn more about the types of maintenance services and where you can get them done!

Maintenance Definition

maintenance services

Maintenance is a collection of procedures and techniques designed to guarantee the ongoing and practical usage of machinery, equipment, and other assets.

These things are frequently utilised in commercial settings.

This is because a good maintenance program must be implemented with care. Especially for machinery, assets, buildings, and whole enterprises to operate well and last a long time.

Keeping a facility functioning as effectively and with as few breakdowns as possible is the actual goal of maintenance engineering.

Therefore, maintenance becomes more crucial as technology has become a critical need in the production movement.

4 Types of Maintenance Services

types of maintenance services

  1. Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance may be scheduled once a year or as needed, as opposed to regular maintenance, which may occur daily, weekly, or monthly.

This is because scheduled maintenance is more extensive, time-consuming, expensive, and frequently requires a specialist’s services.

So, if your workplace needs planned maintenance such as tank cleaning or to ensure equipment and machinery can be operating smoothly. Feel free to contact us at Setia Urusharta!

In addition, it includes contacting an HVAC expert to check refrigerant levels and potential leaks and monitor airflow through the evaporator coil.

Routine maintenance involves changing the filters once a month and cleaning them.

  1. Routine Maintenance


This form of maintenance is also known as preventative maintenance.

It is carried out on a predetermined schedule and often entails tasks like checking, cleaning, washing, and replacing.

We provide routine maintenance activities that may help you to decide:

  • Cleaning or adjusting machinery.
  • Replacing parts in machinery.
  • Perform checking and testing safety equipment.
  • Performing workplace hygiene such as cleaning floors and landscaping.

Also, it is to prevent affecting productivity goals and regular operation. It is often done on weekends or during downtime between shifts.

The two goals of routine maintenance, first are to detect current problems so they may be fixed immediately. Second, to stop potential problems from happening by providing constant care.

  1. Predictive Maintenance

building services

This form of maintenance focuses on methods for choosing the right time for planned and corrective maintenance.

It is included with vibration analysis, oil analysis, thermal imaging, and equipment observation. Below are some of the services that we; Setia Urusharta offer:

  • Performing refrigeration maintenance like air conditioning and pump service.
  • Building management.
  • Performing power outage prevention.

Its main objective is to forecast, using various testing techniques, when a machine will experience significant wear and tear.

This is so that remedial maintenance may be planned without harming production objectives and before the unit breaks down.

  1. Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance must occur if wear and tear are found during a vehicle’s routine maintenance examination.

You must do remedial maintenance on a machine when computer or gauge readings reveal odd, potentially dangerous anomalies.

The repairs and replacements are required to get an asset back up and to operate at full power and in top shape.

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Maintenance Engineer Responsibilities

maintenance services

The installation and upkeep of industrial machinery which maintenance engineers assume are used in the manufacturing, medical, and aviation industries.

Regularly maintenance engineers will maintain equipment, analyze problems, and execute repairs on-site as necessary.

Moreover, a maintenance engineer’s responsibilities are installing new equipment, doing regular maintenance, and resolving equipment issues on the spot.

They have the capacity to function effectively under pressure and the ability to exhibit advanced problem-solving skills. Most important is they have an in-depth understanding of industrial machinery.

In addition, the ability to service, troubleshoot, and repair equipment without extending equipment downtime is a quality maintenance engineer’s work.

Other Maintenance Engineer responsibilities are:

  • Visiting clients’ sites to assess equipment
  • Conduct an equipment inspection and regular maintenance.
  • Updating and maintaining outdated or defective equipment.
  • Identifying and fixing equipment problems.
  • Installing new machinery while removing outdated equipment.
  • Providing training and technical support for new equipment.
  • Taking calls from customers.
  • Observing all performance and safety guidelines.

Contact Setia Urus Harta for Many Maintenance Services Now!

setia urus harta

Does your building require maintenance? Contact Setia Urus Harta today!

As a leading building maintenance business in Malaysia, Setia Urusharta Sdn Bhd provides various services. It is to guarantee that building structures are well-maintained and safe for tenants.

We are aware of how crucial it is to keep buildings functional and comfortable for all.

It is to preserve the value and durability of the building and to guarantee the safety and well-being of the building’s residents.

Furthermore, other than essential maintenance services, Setia Urus Harta offers the following services:

  • General cleaning: We provide routine cleaning services to keep the building’s outside and interior clean and presentable.
  • Technical services: To guarantee the building’s operation and comfort, we provide various specialized services, including electrical, plumbing, and HVAC maintenance.
  • Security services: To safeguard the building from dangers and assure its people’s safety, we offer security services.
  • Landscaping and gardening: To keep the building’s exterior looking nice and provide its residents with a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Pest control: to prevent and manage pest infestations in the building, which might present health risks, we provide pest management services.

In addition to our services, we also have a team of skilled and knowledgeable workers with the expertise needed to do the work quickly and successfully.

Hiring us allows building owners and managers to keep their structures maintained, secure, and comfortable for tenants while saving time.

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